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Account Suspension Appeal & Reinstatement

If you’re selling on Amazon, Account Suspension is your biggest obstacle. Once you receive that dreaded notification that your account has been suspended, you need to act on this, and you need to do it fast. However, given how tricky suspensions are, you can’t afford to make mistakes. You need to reinstate your account quickly and resolve the issue using the best solution – this is where we come in. Dauson provides services that help Amazon Accounts prepare for the unexpected or resolve Amazon account suspension and avoid losses in time, money, and effort.


Peace of mind for your Amazon sales channel

  • Suspension Protection Program
    Dauson’s Suspension Protection Program is like buying insurance for your Amazon seller account. We actively monitor your account performance for items that may trigger the suspension system and act immediately to help you reinstate your listing or account when it’s unpreventable. Our Amazon Experts team will draft your Appeal Letter and Plan of Action to give you the best chance and fastest resolution. We know exactly what the Amazon Performance Team is looking for and have a high success rate with our existing clients.

  • Expect the unexpected
    We understand how catastrophic unexpected Amazon issues can be to your business, especially suspensions. For most e-commerce sellers, Amazon is the largest and highest revenue sales channel, and it’s detrimental to the company if it’s gone. It’s not a matter of will my Seller Account get suspended but when the account will get suspended. There are numerous reasons why Amazon suspends your account or product listings.

  • Spare yourself the stress
    Most of the triggers for a listing suppression or suspension are out of your control and are generally triggered by external factors. When this inevitable situation arises during your Amazon selling journey, individual and very specific actions need to be taken to resolve this issue to avoid substantial financial losses and negative brand reputation. For those lucky enough to have avoided this, it becomes a frantic stressful struggle to put all the pieces together when it does happen. We can help you at Dauson.

Most common suspension reasons:

  • Multiple Amazon accounts
  • Listed against Amazon condition guidelines
  • Listing reported as inauthentic item
  • Listing reported as counterfeit item
  • Neglected negative performance notifications/performance metrics
  • Product safety complaints from customers (or competitors)
  • Restricted images or copy on detail page (listing)
  • Used item sold as new
  • Not as advertised refund reasons from customers Expired items
  • Restricted product
  • Order defect rate too high
  • High negative customer experience rating (NCX)/Negative feedback


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